Vanessa Castro

We all have an important purpose, in accordance with the Divine Plan and Love. It is my honour to guide you in initiation and transformational experiences to heal, shine and have peaceful magical lives through my offers.

☾ Become a Moon Mother ☽

ONLINE Moon Mother® Level 1
Initiation and practitioner training of Miranda Gray with Vanessa Castro
For All women.

LAST DATE 2021: Weekend of December 4 & 5
Times: 9:00 hrs - 17:30 hrs CET Berlin
Other times: UK 8:00 - 16:30 hrs / Moscow 10:00 - 17:30 / USA EST 3am - 11:30 am (no guarantees please click here to check your timezone


The initiation on the first day activates you as a channel to hold and share the energies of the Divine Feminine we use in the Womb Blessing. The Sacred Feminine energies are needed in the world now more than ever. Women are crying out to connect once again to HER, both within their bodies and in the world around them.

On this 2-day practitioner workshop you will learn connect with:
Your womb energy centerYour female energy system and it’s main 3 centersTo replenish your depleted archetypal energy centers to feel balance.To nourish yourself during your pre-menstrual and menstrual phase.Mother Nature, the moon and your cyclesYour personal and spiritual growthThe energy work behind the Womb Blessing MeditationThe awaken of dormant aspects of your femininityUnderstanding and supporting your energetic birthing process
You will be empowered to give to other women:
The Womb Blessing® Attunement in personThe Womb Healing - Female Energy Balancing (in person and at distance)The Cauldron Energizer - To quickly share Divine Feminine energy in big groups.Support during the rebirth process.The Womb Blessing® as a celebration and rite of passage(As a certified Moon Mother, you can offer sessions for which you may charge a fee.)
Moon Mother Level 1 symbol for healing
You will be empowered to share the Divine Feminine energy with the world by:
Learning about the background and how the Worldwide Womb Blessing® works.Sending energy for the Worldwide Womb Blessing® as a Moon Mother® along Miranda Gray and over 6500 Moon MotherBringing healing to the world in the monthly Moon Mother® Full Moon practiceBringing healing to the world through the International Moon Mother Healing BookSending the Moon Mother Level 1 symbol for healing
You will also receive:
A comprehensive manual in your preferred language + access to 3 additional manualsAn international certificate as an authorised ‘Miranda Gray Moon Mother®’Your details included on the online list of authorized Moon Mothers®Access to the Moon Mother® only resources and informationThe Moon Mother logo for use in promotional materials.During your integration period: An email once a week from your teacher to accompany you during the rebirth time.
Note: As a certified Moon Mother®, you will be authorized to offer Personal Womb Blessings and Womb Healings as therapies, for which you may charge a fee. You can offer these therapies alongside other therapies and practices (but you may not mix the techniques).


Vanessa Castro. Trained and Certified by Miranda Gray. Based in Costa Rica and Berlin, she teaches workshops around the world (where women invite her) in English and Spanish, or in other languages with translation.


Zoom -This training is online and will be held from 9:00 to 17:30 CET timezone aprox. Information will be sent out the week prior to the workshop.This is a sacred gathering and professional training, so the student is expected to give her full attention to the class for the two days.
The space used for the training should be quiet and private with no other people, children or animals.
You need to make sure you have:
the Zoom application installed and running on your computer or laptop. NOT ON YOUR CELL PHONEthat you have camera installed and working. (The camera must always be on during the training).

There are NO requirements to take part in the workshop, just a heart’s call to walk this path! (Students need to be over 18 years old.)
All women, with or without a cycle or a womb, may attend the workshop.

Woman in Peri-menopause, menopause or post menopause: walk an easy path in harmony with your femininity, your cyclic nature and your physical changes, and ease your transition into post-menopause by working with the Womb Blessing Energy.

Pregnant women: No recommended for women over 4 months of pregnancy.

Breast feeding mothers are welcome, but the baby won’t be allowed in the same room that you are taking the class in. We suggest to visit the baby if needed during the breaks. Please note that we cannot accurately predict all the break times, and that because this is a practitioner training, to receive the certification the attendees should take part fully in the workshop from beginning to end.

290 GBP / 342 EUROS (plus the transferring fees) to be sent by IBAN SEPA transfer or PayPal (5.7% more)


1- Book by payment via Iban SEPA Transfer or Paypal
2- Fill the registration form.

Please find the payment details and registration form in the in the button below.


Heidy Chavarría. Originally from Costa Rica now living in Switzerland. PHD in biochemistry and coffee lover, practicing Ashtanga Yoga everyday. Doing her best to bring into her daily life the teachings + mindfulness consciousness. Volunteering in women’s organizations - working together - in new ways. EMAIL:

One week before the date of the training you will receive an email with instructions for the workshop days, what to have and how to prepare.

“The world is ready for a change - and that change will come from women”-Miranda Gray

Registration closes on November 29th in


    Su información ha sido recibida. Por favor envíe una copia de su certificado de nivel de Moon Mother más alto a Una vez que se haya verificado su pago y certificado, se confirmará su registro.

    Esperando nuestro sagrado encuentro.

    En pureza y gracia <3

    Thank you!

    Your information has been received. Please send a picture of your  highest certificate of Moon Mother to Once your payment and certificate has been verified your registration will be confirmed.

    Looking forward to our sacred encounter.

    In purity and grace <3

    Remote practitioner distant 1-to-1 Womb Blessing® Training


    1er paso > Pago

    Por favor, agregue el 5.7 % por cuota de procesamiento de Paypal al monto del curso - en la moneda elegida. El monto del entrenamiento debe llegar completo. La estudiante del taller debe asumir los costos de procesamiento de pago y cambio de moneda. La organización del taller no asume ningúna cuota de procesamiento por recibir el pago de la estudiante.

    Por favor, siga las instrucciones para un pago sin complicaciones.

    Por favor, envíe el costo del entrenamiento usando la moneda que prefiera a las cuentas que aparecen a continuación. Elija 140 USD, 115 EUR o 100 GBP. No se aceptarán otras monedas

    Formas de pago:

    Haz clic aquí para pagar con PAYPAL
    (Al costo, por favor, agrega el 5,7% + 0.30 por costos de tramitación + cualquier otra tasa que cobre paypal)
    Tip: si te da la opción y lo envias en modalidad de 'amigos y familiares' te saldrá más cómoda la cuota de procesamiento.

    Detalles de la cuenta si desea pagar a través de transferencia bancaria IBAN:

    IBAN : BE92 9671 6031 7623.
    Número de cuenta: 1603176
    Nombre: Vanessa Castro L.
    Dirección: TransferWise Europe SA Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels 1050 Belgium

    Por favor, asegúrese de que está eligiendo una transferencia internacional SEPA. Cualquier pérdida de dinero en el cambio de moneda tendrá que ser cubierta por la estudiante.

    Para las Moon Mothers en USA y que tengan una cuenta bancaria en USA y puedan enviar dinero en formato ACH (transferencia electrónica de banco a banco. NO wire transfer)

    Account Holder: Vanessa Castro L
    Routing Number: 084009519
    Account Number: 9600000000307534
    Account type: Checking

    Por favor, asegúrese de elegir una transferencia electrónica de banco a banco y no una transferencia bancaria regular 'wire transfer'. Cualquier pérdida de dinero en el cambio de moneda o cuota de transferencia bancaria tendrá que ser cubierta por la estudiante.

    2º paso > Formulario de inscripción

    Remote practitioner distant 1-to-1 Womb Blessing® Training


    1st step > Payment

    Please be aware and careful that any currency fees are not paid by the workshop organiser, but must be assumed by the workshop student. Please follow the instructions for a hassle free payment.
    Please send the tuition fee in your preferred currency to the accounts below. Choose either 140 USD, 115 EUR, or 100 GBP. No other currencies will be accepted.

    Payment Methods:

    Click her for paying with Paypal
    (To the cost please add 5.7% + 0.30 for processing fees + any other fee paypal charges)
    Tip: send the money as friends and family to save in fees.

    FOR EUROS: Account details for your tuition fee if you want to pay through IBAN wire transfer:

    IBAN : BE92 9671 6031 7623
    Account number: 1603176
    Account Holder’s Name: Vanessa Castro L. TransferWise Europe SA Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels 1050 Belgium

    Please make sure you are choosing an international SEPA transfer. Any money lost in currency exchange will have to be covered by the student.

    FOR USD: For Moon Mothers USA only with a bank account in the USA ONLY sending the money as an ACH (electronic bank to bank transfer)

    Account holder: Vanessa Castro
    Routing number: 084009519
    Account number: 9600000000307534
    Account type: Checking

    Please make sure you are choosing an electronic bank to bank transfer and not wire transfer. Any money lost in currency exchange will have to be covered by the student.

    2nd step > Registration Form

    NUEVO Entrenamiento de Profesional para dar la Womb Blessing® individual a Distancia

    Formación Internacional estilo 'Fast Track' (Vía Rapida) con Miranda Gray
    Para TODOS los niveles de Moon Mother® (Requisitos abajo)

    Ahora estamos en un momento en el que las Moon Mothers del mundo han enraizado tanta MotherLight y MotherSoul en la Madre Tierra que ahora podemos conectar más fácilmente con las energías femeninas en sus reinos superiores. Esto facilita que las Moon Mothers creen el patrón energético necesario para enviar, a través de la presencia de la Madre Universal, la sintonización de la Womb Blessing (Bendición de Útero)a otra mujer que no está físicamente presente.

    Pero este taller de Profesional a Distancia es más que "enviar la Womb Blessing a distancia", es el primer paso para las Moon Mothers en la apertura de un nuevo nivel de conciencia y un nuevo enfoque para trabajar con la energía mediante la conexión y el trabajo a través de la Red Universal. Este es un proceso de alta vibración, y a menudo restringido a mujeres con muchos años de desarrollo energético personal. Sin embargo, Miranda ha estructurado la iniciación y la técnica del taller para que todos los niveles de Moon Mother® puedan aprender la misma técnica de envío a distancia.

    Adaptado del trabajo espiritual personal de Miranda y de la Sintonización Worldwide Womb Blessing®, aprenderás una técnica sencilla pero poderosa que aportará una nueva dimensión a tu trabajo de Moon Mother y a tu vida.

    Esta es la primera vez que Miranda comparte, fuera de la formación de maestras, cómo trabaja.

    Entrenamiento “Fast Track” (Vía Rápida)

    Con la situación actual en el mundo, hay una urgencia de ayudar a todas las mujeres - y muchas Moon Mothers han sido muy activas en el envío de la Sanación de Útero, la Sanación con Símbolos, etc. Pero ahora estamos preparadas para una Womb Blessing a distancia individual (1 a 1) y para Moon Mothers cualificadas que están entrenadas y autorizadas para ser "Profesionales a distancia". Para reflejar esta urgencia, Miranda ha creado un taller de "vía rápida" a precio reducido que contiene el corazón de la técnica de envío, los antecedentes y la información, pero sin los descansos, la interacción social y las múltiples sesiones de práctica de un taller más caro de un día completo.

    Esto significa que este entrenamiento intenso no es adecuado para las Moon Mothers sin experiencia o para aquellas que necesitan un enfoque más suave y lento de entrenamiento con más tiempo para procesar la energía dentro del entorno de un taller.

    Puede inscribirse en la lista de espera enviando un correo a para ser considerada para un cupo tan pronto como se abra uno. (se realizará por medio de orden de llegada de la solicitud)

    Aprovecha esta oportunidad!
    (Requisitos para participar abajo)

    Fecha: Miércoles 14 de abril del 2021

    Hora: 19:00 a las 21:00 hora del Reino Unido (hora de finalización aproximada)

    Horas de inicio: Reino Unido 19.00 / UE: 20.00 / BR: 15.00 / MEX: 13.00 / US EST: 15.00 / US PST: 12.00 (no se garantiza, por favor, comprueba tu propia zona horaria aquí). >

    Dónde: En línea - en Zoom

    Idioma: En inglés, con traducción al ESPAÑOL.

    Precios: 100 GBP / 115 EUR / 140 USD

    Nota: Además añade los montos por cambio de moneda y cuota de procesamiento Paypal.

    Inscripción abierta. Este taller tiene varios requisitos (ver abajo) y es para Moon Mother certificadas de todos los niveles.

    Para inscribirte: Una vez que verificas que cumples con los requisitos - por favor primero realiza el pago y luego llena el formulario de inscripción (necesitarás tu número de depósito).

    Puedes elegir pagar a través de Paypal utilizando el enlace en el formulario de inscripción haciendo clic en el botón “Reserva tu lugar ahora". También puedes enviarnos una transferencia electrónica de dinero siguiendo las instrucciones haciendo clic en el botón "Reserva tu lugar ahora".

    Por favor, asegúrate de añadir también el monto por los gastos de tramitación - cualquier gasto extra debe ser asumido por la estudiante del entrenamiento. La organizadora del taller no asume ninguna cuota por el procesamiento de recibir tu pago. Por favor sigue las instrucciones para pagar sin problemas.

    Puede inscribirse en la lista de espera enviando un correo a para ser considerada para un cupo tan pronto como se abra uno. (se realizará por medio de orden de llegada de la solicitud)

    Tu nombre en la inscripción será el que usaremos para tu certificado de Moon Mother.

    A continuación Información importante para tu participación:


    Las estudiantes tienen que ser una Moon Mother de nivel 1, 2 o 3.Las Moon Mothers de nivel 1 necesitan haber sido Moon Mother durante al menos 3 meses (En esos 3 meses la Moon Mother necesita haber estado practicando la técnica de la Womb Blessing - incluso si no ha podido practicar con una Receptora en persona).De antemano, las estudiantes deben haber leído y practicado la técnica de la Womb Blessing 2020 (sin respiración). (La documentación guía está disponible en las áreas de acceso de las Moon Mother ‘Log in area’ en la website).La calificación del taller depende de que las estudiantes reciban la iniciación, hagan la práctica de la Womb Blessing y completen todo el taller. Las estudiantes no pueden salir del taller antes de tiempo.
    Las estudiantes deben tener algo de experiencia trabajando con la energía de la Womb Blessing a distancia:

    Envío en la sintonización de Womb Blessing Mundial.Envío al libro de Sanación virtual en líneaSanación de Útero a Distancia (con o sin mentoría)Sanación del Alma Femenina a DistanciaEnergizador de Caldero a DistanciaSanación a distancia con Símbolos de la Moon Mother de nivel 1 o 2Se recomienda que las estudiantes hayan asistido al taller Moonlit Path.
    Mujeres embarazadas

    Este taller es apto para las Moon Mother embarazadas hasta 4.5 meses o sea en la mitad de su embarazo. Escucha a tu intuición.


    Este taller no sustituye a la terapia y supone que te encuentras en un estado mental estable. Asumes toda la responsabilidad de asistir a este entrenamiento.

    Tu Certificado de Moon Mother

    Este es un taller sólo para Moon Mother. Por favor,después de la inscripción envía tu certificado a

    Más información

    Por favor, dirija cualquier comentario o consulta sobre este entrenamiento al correo

    Contenido del taller

    Información sobre el funcionamiento de la sintonización a distancia.Una iniciación para activar los centros de energía apropiados a tu nivel de entrenamiento como Moon Mother y conectarlos a los reinos superiores de la red del Árbol de Útero Universal para permitir el envío de una sintonización a distancia. Las Moon Mother de Nivel 1 recibirán una iniciación de Caldero de reino superior, las Moon Mother de Nivel 2 una iniciación de Caldero y Cáliz, y las Moon Mother de Nivel 3 recibirán una iniciación de Caldero, Cáliz y Estrella.Aprenderás la meditación de conexión que debes usar antes de la meditación de la Womb Blessing y la estructura de una Womb Blessing a Distancia y tiempos de duración.Guía sobre la técnica para enviar la Bendición a distancia y una práctica con una silla vacía.Espacio para hacer preguntas.
    Después del Taller recibirás tu cualificación y:

    Un manual ilustrado de más de 30 páginas en inglés o en el idioma del taller.Un certificado de cualificación profesional.Inclusión en el sitio web oficial de Womb Blessing como profesional a distancia certificada.
    Nota: Este taller es específico para cada nivel. Cuando tomes el entrenamiento de Moon Mother del siguiente nivel, necesitarás repetir este taller para recibir la iniciación y activación apropiadas para tu nuevo nivel.


    Miranda tiene una serie de recomendaciones importantes para las estudiantes de todos los niveles, para ayudar a prepararlas a ustedes y a sus energías para este gran cambio en la conexión y la conciencia.

    Se recomienda que las estudiantes:

    Haber estado activas en el envío de MotherLight y MotherSoul - enviando en la Worldwide Womb Blessing, enviando Sanaciones del Útero a Distancia y Sanaciones con Símbolos, enviando al Libro de Sanación Virtual en Línea.Cuanto más hayas trabajado con la energía, más libre será tu canal y más consciente serás, y más experiencia tendrás en mantener la concentración necesaria para trabajar a distancia.Haber tomado el taller de un día Moonlit Path el año pasado. Este taller proporciona a las Moon Mothers de todos los niveles las herramientas necesarias para proteger y mantener un campo energético fuerte, algo que será importante para las Profesionales a Distancia (Siempre puedes tomar el taller Moonlit Path después del entrenamiento de Profesional a distancia).

    Lo que necesitarás:

    Antes del taller de iniciación con Miranda, por favor:

    Sé muy consciente de tu limpieza y, por favor, no lo proyectes en las demás, especialmente si es emocional y mental.Bebe te de limón y miel y utiliza remedios para apoyarte, antes, durante y después del taller.Asegúrate de tener tiempo después del taller para descansar y relajarte.Después del taller, es posible que quieras seguir meditando, que quieras dormir, que te sientas bien físicamente pero que experimentes una respuesta física más tarde en el día o en la noche.Si te has entrenado en las técnicas del Moonlit Path, utilízalas para apoyarte antes y después del taller.
    Recomendaciones para las estudiantes

    Limpia el espacio que vas a utilizar.Las Moon Mothers de nivel 2 y 3 establecen las energías del espacio, utilizando las instrucciones de su manual de nivel 2, antes de conectarse a la reunión de Zoom.Tu espacio es privado, sin otras personas ni animales.Utiliza un ordenador/computadora o laptop. Por favor no utilices un teléfono celular.Si es posible, ten un cable de enlace directo con el router wifi, ya que esto hace una mejor conexión.Puedes elegir tener auriculares / audífonos - pero si hay ruido de fondo por favor no use los parlantes o el micrófono de tu computadora / ordenador.Desactiva todas las alertas en tu teléfono y en tu computadora/ordenador.Pon una nota en la puerta para que la gente no te moleste durante el taller.Ten un pequeño altar con tus Cuencos/Tazones de Útero con agua y la velita.Ten preparado un snack y una bebida para después de la iniciación - habrá una pausa de descanso de 5 minutos. Tome agua con zumo de limón si estas experimentando algún tipo de limpieza.En tu Ceremonia de Iniciación: Usa tu chal de Moon Mother y la ropa que sientas que honra a la Divinidad Femenina.Después de tu iniciación, puedes meditar o acostarte junto a tu computadora/ordenador y puedes preparar un pequeño "nido" de iniciación con antelación. Es necesario que esté cerca del ordenador/computadora para escuchar las instrucciones.
    Las estudiantes necesitarán:

    Tu chal de Moon Mother para la ceremonia de iniciación.Una silla vertical para sentarse durante la iniciación con los pies apoyados en el suelo o en un cojín. La silla puede estar frente a la cámara o a un lado durante la iniciación. Tienes que poder oír a Miranda.Ten una silla y un espacio frente a la cámara para hacer la práctica de la Womb Blessing. (La silla puede ser la que usaste para tu iniciación).Asegúrate de qué alrededor de la silla el suelo está despejado, que tienes espacio para caminar alrededor de la silla y que puedes extender los brazos a ambos lados.Deberás completar todo el taller para calificar. Ten en cuenta que el taller puede durar un poco más que las horas anunciadas.Agua y merienda/snackCuaderno y bolígrafo/lapicero/pluma para tomar notas.‘Remedio de rescate’ (Bach Rescue Remedy)opcionalOpcional Lady Nada o el delicioso olor que sueles usar en tus manos para una Womb Blessing en persona.Pañueños de papel
    Modalidad: ZOOM- Online/ En línea.

    Este taller es en línea

    Tienes que asegurarte de que tienes:

    la aplicación Zoom instalada y operativa en tu ordenador/computadora, portátil o tableta.que tengas instalados y funcionando los auriculares y la cámara.que tengas un lugar donde no te molesten y donde puedas dedicarte al entrenamiento durante el horario establecido.Por favor, compruebe antes del curso que su Zoom funciona apropiadamente.

    NEW Qualification Workshop!

    Remote practitioner distant 1-to-1 Womb Blessing®
    ‘Fast-track’ International Training
    with Miranda Gray
    For all levels of Moon Mother®

    We are now at a time when the Moon Mothers of the world have grounded so much MotherLight and MotherSoul into the Earth Mother that we can now more easily connect with female energies in their higher realms. This facilitates Moon Mothers to create the energy pattern needed to send, through the presence of the Universal Mother, the Womb Blessing attunement to another woman who is not physically present.

    But this Remote Practitioner workshop is more than just ‘sending the Womb Blessing at a distance’, it is the first step for Moon Mothers in opening up a new level of awareness and a new approach to working with energy by connecting to and working through the Universal Network. This a high vibrational process, and often restricted to women with many years of personal energy development. However, Miranda has structured the workshop initiation and technique so that every level of Moon Mother® can learn the same distant sending technique.

    Adapted from Miranda’s own personal spiritual work and the Worldwide Womb Blessing®, you will learn a simple but powerful technique that will bring a new dimension to your Moon Mother work and to your life.
    This is the first time Miranda has shared, outside of Teacher training, how she works.

    ‘Fast-track’ training

    With the current world situation, there is an urgency to help all women - and many Moon Mothers have been very active in sending the Womb Healing, Symbol Healing etc. But now we are ready for a Distant 1-to-1 Womb Blessing and qualified Moon Mothers who are trained and authorised to be ‘Remote Practitioners’. To reflect this urgency, Miranda has created a reduced price ‘fast-track’ workshop that contains the core of the sending technique, background, and information, but without the breaks, social interaction and multiple practice sessions of a more expensive full-day workshop.
    This means that this intense training is not suitable for inexperienced Moon Mothers or for those who need a gentler and slower approach to training with more time to process the energy within a workshop environment.

    You can sign up for the Waiting list by sending an email to to be considered for a spot as soon as a new one opens up. (First come, first serve.)

    Don't miss this opportunity.

    Date: Wednesday April 14th, 2021

    Time: 19:00 UK time to 21:00 UK time (approx)

    Start times: UK 19.00 / EU: 20.00 / BR: 15.00 / MEX: 13.00 / US EST: 15.00 / US PST: 12.00 (no guarantees, please check your own time zone here.)

    Where: Online – Zoom

    Language: This workshop will be in English, with SPANISH translation.

    Prices: 100 GBP / 115 EUR /140 USD

    Note: Fees are added for currency exchange and Paypal.

    Registration open. This workshop is only for Certified Moon Mothers of all levels.

    To register: Please make your payment first and then fill the registration form (you will need your deposit number)

    You can choose to pay through Paypal using the link in the registration form by clicking the button ‘Book your Spot Now’ You can also send us a money transfer by following the instructions by clicking the button ‘Book your Spot Now’

    Please make sure to also add the processing fees - any extra fee must be assumed by the workshop student. No fees are assumed by the workshop organizer. Please follow the instructions for a hassle free payment.

    You can sign up for the Waiting list by sending an email to to be considered for a spot as soon as a new one opens up. (First come, first serve.)

    Your name at the time of registration will be the name on the certificate.

    Important information for your participation continues below:



    Students need to be a Level 1, 2 or 3 Moon Mother.Level 1 Moon Mothers need to have been a Moon Mother for 3 months (In that 3 months the Moon Mother needs to have been practising the Womb Blessing technique - even if she has not been able to practise with a physical Receiver.)In advance students need to have read and practised the 2020 Womb Blessing no-breath technique. (Guidance documentation is available in the Moon Mother login areas.)Workshop qualification depends on students receiving initiation, doing the practise Womb Blessing and completing the whole workshop. Students cannot leave early.
    Students need to have some experience of working with the Womb Blessing energy at a distance:
    Sending in the Worldwide Womb BlessingSending to the Online Virtual Healing bookDistant Womb Healing (with or without mentoring)Distant Female Soul HealingDistant Cauldron EnergiserDistant Healing using Level 1 or level 2 Moon Mother SymbolsStudents are recommended to have attended the Moonlit Path workshop.
    Pregnant Women

    This workshop is suitable for pregnant Moon Mothers up to half way through your pregnancy. Listen to your intuition. <3


    This workshop does not replace therapy and assumes that you are in a stable mental state. You assume full responsibility for attending this course.

    Moon Mother Certificate

    This is a Moon Mother Only Workshop. Please send your certificate to after registration.

    Further Information

    Please direct any and all requests about this workshop to


    Workshop contents

    Background information on how the distant attunement works.An initiation to activate the energy centres appropriate to your level of Moon Mother training and connect them to higher realms of Universal Womb Tree network to enable the sending of a distant attunement. Level 1 Moon Mothers will receive a higher realm Cauldron initiation, Level 2 Moon Mothers a Cauldron and Chalice initiation, and Level 3 Moon Mothers will receive a Cauldron, Chalice and Star initiation.You will learn the connection meditation to use before the Womb Blessing meditation and the structure of a Distant Womb Blessing and timing.Guidance through the technique for sending the Blessing at a distance and a practical with an empty chair.Answers to practitioner questions.
    After the Workshop you will receive your qualification

    A 30+ page illustrated manual in English or in the language of the workshop.A practitioner qualification certificate.Listing on the Womb Blessing official website as a qualified Remote Practitioner.
    Please note: This workshop is level-specific. If you take further Moon Mother training to the next higher level, you will need to repeat this workshop to receive the appropriate initiation and activation for your new level.


    Miranda has a number of strong recommendations for students of all levels to help prepare them and their energies for this big change in connection and awareness.
    It is recommended that students:
    Have been active in sending the MotherLight and MotherSoul – sending in the Worldwide Womb Blessing, sending Distant Womb Healings and Symbol Healings, sending to the Online Virtual Healing Book.The more you have worked with the energy, the clearer you are as a channel and the more aware you are, and the more experienced you are in maintaining the focus required to work remotely.Have taken last year’s Moonlit path one-day workshop. This workshop provides Moon Mothers of all levels with the tools needed to protect and maintain a strong energy field, something which will be important for Remote Practitioners. (You can always take the Moonlit Path workshop after the Remote Practitioner workshop).

    What you will need:

    Before the initiation workshop with Miranda please

    Be very aware of your clearing and please do not project on to others especially if it is emotional and mental.Drink lemon and honey and use remedies to support yourself, before during and after the workshop.Make sure you have time afterwards the workshop to rest and relax.After the workshop, you may want to continue to meditate, you may want to sleep, you may feel good physically but you may experience a physical response later in the day or evening.If you have trained in the Moonlit Path techniques, use these to support yourself before and after the workshop.
    Recommendations for students

    Clean the space you are going to be using.Level 2 and level 3 Moon Mothers set the energies of the space, using the instructions in your level 2 manual, before connecting to the Zoom meeting.Your space is private with no people or animals.Use a computer rather than a phone.If possible, have a direct link to the wifi router as this makes a better connection.You can choose to have headphones / earbuds – but if there is background noise, please do not use computer speakers and microphone.Turn off all alerts on your phone (if it is with you) and on your computer.Put a note on the door so people will not disturb you during the workshop.Have a small altar with your Womb Bowls with water and candle.Have a snack and a drink ready for after the initiation – there will be a 5-minute recovery break. Have water with lemon juice if you are experiencing some clearing.Wear your Moon Mother shawl and clothes that your feel honour the Sacred Feminine in the initiation ceremony.After their initiation you can meditate or lie down next to their computer and you may like to prepare a little initiation ‘nest’ in advance. You need it to be close to the computer to hear instructions.
    Students will need:

    Your Moon Mother shawl for the initiation ceremony.An upright chair to sit on during the initiation with your feet flat on the floor or on a cushion. The chair can be in front of the camera or to the side during the initiation. You need to be able to hear Miranda.Have a chair and space in front of the camera to do the Womb Blessing practise. (The chair can be the chair you used for your initiation).Make sure the floor is clear around the chair, that you have the space to walk all the way around the chair and that you can reach your arms out either side.You will need to complete the whole workshop to qualify – note that the workshop may over run the times advertised.Water and snackNotebook and pen for note taking.Optional Rescue Remedy or essences.Optional Lady Nada or the nice smell you usually have on your hands for an in-person Womb Blessing.Tissues.
    Venue: ZOOM- Online/ En línea.

    This workshop is Online.

    You have to make sure you have:

    the Zoom application installed and operational on your computer, laptop or tabletthat you have headphones and a camera installed and operationalthat you have a place where you are not disturbed, but where you can dedicate yourself to the workshop in progressPlease check before the course that your Zoom is working.

    Stay in touch!

    Thank you!

    My Story

    Originating from the tropical land of Costa Rica, Vanessa has had a taste for the “Pura Vida” (pure life) since she was a little girl.She grew up in the small town of Sarchi, peering out of her humble home at passing tourists and feeling rich when offered a $1 tip.

    Since as early as she can remember, Vanessa saw auras around people and objects and thought everyone could see these energy fields as well. At the age of 11 a family friend recognized her gift and gave Vanessa the book La Voz Del “Yo Soy” (Voice of the “I am”). Vanessa treasured this book as sacred, reading it countless times to learn the art of manifestation and how apply the spiritual laws outlined in the book.

    Her academic success helped her rise beyond her humble beginnings and receive a scholarship to the University of Costa Rica—one of the top universities in the world that teaches Eco-Tourism using experience-focused immersions.

    After graduating from University she followed her passion for creating a healthy planet by joining the Institute of Costa Rican Tourism and leading the sustainable tourism program in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

    Her job entailed traveling to beautiful beaches and awarding the healthy ones with the “Blue Flag” to symbolize the success in keeping the waters and ecosystem pure.

    She also rated hotels based on Costa Rica’s famous “5 Leaf” sustainability rating program and became highly skilled at understanding what it takes to run a sustainable business and how to effectively evaluate social and environmental impact.

    In 2010 Vanessa joined a start-up with a mission to create an alternative to the Fortune 500 list. They needed help creating an evaluation process to measure an organization’s purpose-driven approach to business and their social and environmental impact. Vanessa’s experience in sustainability ratings was a perfect fit. Now known as the GameChangers 500 DNA Test, the evaluation has been used to create a list of the world’s top purpose-driven companies, such as Google, Zappos, TOMS, and Patagonia.

    In 2013, her passion for responsible tourism and women’s retreats led her to the International Tour Managers Institute (ITMI) in San Francisco where she graduated among a highly acclaimed list of tour directors working for organizations like National Geographic, Smithsonian Institute, Travcoa, and Disney.

    When Vanessa’s not helping evaluate purpose-driven companies, she uses her ITMI training to organize women’s retreats to Ancient Wisdom sites like the pyramids of Teotihuacan and Machu Pichu and sacred sites / energy vortex like Costa Rica and Sedona (pic).

    She has studied with wisdom keepers from the Toltec, Navaho, Hopi, Celtic, Mayan, Hindu-Dharma Balinese, Shinto traditions and more. She is also an Advanced Certified Moon Mother, Reiki Healer and is doing her practice to become and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) certified practitioner.

    Her mission is to help women embody their authentic feminine nature and to better harmonize feminine energy into the work world.

    Optimized Woman Workshop Facilitator

    Vanessa is the first international Optimized Woman Workshop Facilitator authorized by Miranda Gray.

    Miranda Gray’s book ‘The Optimized Woman- Using Your Menstrual Cycle to Achieve Success and Fulfillment’ is an international best-seller, and thousands of women worldwide have read the book and attended her ‘Optimized Woman’ workshops to understand who they are as cyclic women and why this is such a powerful gift to empower themselves in their lives, their work and in their success. First published in 2009, The Optimized Woman was the first book to bring the menstrual cycle into the workplace as a work enhancement tool and Miranda brings 30 years’ personal experience as a cyclic woman and as a businesswoman to her Optimized Woman workshop.

    Vanessa has a strong background in innovative business helping to create the evaluation system to rate world’s top purpose-driven organization, known as GameChangers 500. During this time, she became passionate about raising a new paradigm for working women, through honouring the unique gifts of the feminine in the business world. She is also a menstrual cycle mentor trained by Miranda, is a lunar coach for women in business (using the menstrual cycle to its best effect), an international women’s wellness workshop and retreat facilitator – and a firewalk instructor!

    In February 2014 Vanessa took Miranda Gray’s Moon Mother® Level 1 training, and in 2017 she co-led with Miranda Gray a 7-day retreat in Costa Rica based on Optimized Woman concepts. Vanessa has been working with Miranda’s materials since 2014 and has given lectures based on The Optimized Woman in Costa Rica, Guatemala, USA, Spain and Estonia. She is also an international Moon Mother® Level 1 Teacher.

    Vanessa offers Optimized Woman workshops around the world in English and Spanish, or in other languages with translation.

    About Me

    Vanessa is an international Moon Mother® Teacher of Miranda Gray, Optimized Woman Workshop Facilitator, Menstrual Mentor and Lunar Coach, and a firewalk instructor. She also facilitates spiritual workshops and wellness retreats in beautiful locations.

    Her passion is to support you in feeling the sparkles of life and becoming the best version of yourself, to guide you on your path of reconnecting with your Divine plan and let go of the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from feeling Love and loved. She believes we all have an important purpose and if you don’t bring your mastery out, the world won’t have it. “When we heal, we do it for ourselves and also the world becomes a better place and a new paradigm to serve all life can be birthed”

    Since as early as she can remember, she saw auras around people and objects and thought everyone could see these energy fields as well, this ignited in her a passion to learn from ancient wisdom teachings, energy healing techniques and the Divine Feminine.

    She began studying the teachings of the feminine from Mother Nature in Costa Rica in her late teenage years and had the opportunity to travel around the world to learn from ancient oral traditions about their way of life and the Power of Feminine Wisdom.

    In 2011 Vanessa began to study the Toltec teachings of the lineage of Miguel Ruiz, and since then she regularly visits the Teotihuacan Pyramids where she practices and deepens her studies. She has also studied with wisdom keepers from the Navaho, Hopi, Celtic, Mayan, Hindu-Dharma Balinese, Shinto traditions and more. She is also a Reiki Healer and is doing her practice to become an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) certified practitioner.

    During her travels Vanessa encountered the Womb Blessing® and the teachings of Miranda Gray. For her the Womb Blessing® was a manifestation of the Divine Feminine teachings she learned from Mother Nature in Costa Rica and in Miranda’s books she found the language to communicate with others what she had learned through her over 10 years of studying.

    The Womb Blessing® vision deeply resonated with her. It was in full alignment with her soul and something she was looking for during her travels. She felt the call to spread this energy in Costa Rica and also in the other countries she was traveling to. She became a Moon Mother® in 2014, and is the pioneer of spreading the Womb Blessing in Costa Rica and Miranda’s workshop organizer. She has hosted Womb Blessing circles in Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, USA, Czech Republic, Estonia and India.

    In 2016 she was invited as a young Spiritual Grandmother of the 10 + 1 Sacred Circle of Grandmothers and Grandfathers Sages, and in 2017 she was invited to be the first women to lead firewalk at the Shri Jasnath Asan, an ashram in Rajastan India with a tradition of fire dancers of hundreds of years.

    Before becoming a Divine Feminine Guide, Vanessa helped to create the evaluation system to rate world’s top purpose-driven organization, known as GameChangers 500.
    During this time she became passionate about raising a new paradigm for working women, through honoring the unique gifts of the feminine in the business world. As a lunar coach she now teaches women the uses of the menstrual cycle and menopause as a tool to fulfill their goals and optimize their abilities in their work life.

    She is also the first facilitator of the Optimized Women workshop of Miranda Gray, based on the book with the same name.

    Now more than 30 countries after, she enjoys traveling to teach, share and also spending time in her home country Costa Rica where she hosts workshops, transformational personal retreats and group experiences.

    My Offer

    Work with me
    Moon Mother® Level 1 Training
    Support for Moon Mothers®

    Contact Me

    Thank you!

    You will hear from me soon! I might be traveling, so it might take a moment for me to respond! :)

    Work With Me

    Women Wellness
    Womb Healing
    Female Soul Healing
    Menstrual Mentoring & Lunar Coaching
    Energy Activations/ Attunements
    Rituals and ceremonies
    Blood Mystery Activations
    EFT / Emotional Freedom Techniques

    Don’t know which one will serve you best?
    Book a free 20 min orientation session with Vanessa and she can help you.
    No strings attached.

    Women Wellness - Womb Wisdom

    Vanessa offers a variety of services to help women heal unhelpful patterns and better align with their true feminine nature. Based on your unique needs, Vanessa’s sessions can incorporate a Womb Blessing, Womb Healing, Yoni Blessing, Pregnancy and Post Partum Ceremony, First Moon Ceremony for Girls, EFT, and techniques to help you understand each of the four phases of your menstrual cycle and how to align your work routine accordingly.

    Sessions can be done online.

    Please book here and you will be contacted to schedule a time.

    Womb Healing (Level 3)

    Feel balanced again. Restore your energies and wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level. During this session you will receive the high frequency of the Divine Mother. It works on the 3 centers of the feminine energy (this are at different levels than the chakras)

    This is a harmonizing and gentle energy technique created by Miranda Gray will help you by:

    Replenishing depleted archetypal energy centres so we feel whole and comfortable with all aspects of ourselves.Helping to harmonise the flow from one archetype / phase to the next so we flow gracefully through the changes of our cyclic nature, whether in association with the menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle.Energising the three main female energy centres, including the womb energy centre, bringing feelings of wholeness, stress relief and being centred, safe and empowered within our femininity again.Clearing blocks that restrict our archetypal energies so that we live a richer version of our femininity, accessing the creativity, sexuality, intuition, clarity, wisdom and spirituality that lies in our authentic nature.It is also ideal to help support peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women as they go through the archetypal energy changes which transform them into the ultimate stage of female life development.
    Sessions are online.

    Please book here and you will be contacted to schedule a time.

    Female Soul Healing

    During this session you will receive the high frequency of the Divine Mother. It works on the 3 centers of the feminine energy (this are at different levels than the chakras)
    This technique works deeply with each one of the 3 energy centers and the differents vibrations of each archetype (maiden, mother, enchantress, crone) in each center.

    This is a harmonizing and gentle energy technique created by Miranda Gray that will help you by:

    Replenishing depleted archetypal energy centres so we feel whole and comfortable with all aspects of ourselves.Helping to harmonise the flow from one archetype / phase to the next so we flow gracefully through the changes of our cyclic nature, whether in association with the menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle.Energising the three main female energy centres, including the womb energy centre, bringing feelings of wholeness, stress relief and being centred, safe and empowered within our femininity again.Clearing blocks that restrict our archetypal energies so that we live a richer version of our femininity, accessing the creativity, sexuality, intuition, clarity, wisdom and spirituality that lies in our authentic nature.It is also ideal to help support peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women as they go through the archetypal energy changes which transform them into the ultimate stage of female life development.
    Sessions are online.
    ¿How is the session?
    Before this session you will be sent a document of preparation so you can make the most of this experience.
    Vanessa and you will connect over zoom.

    Please book here and you will be contacted to schedule a time.

    Menstrual Mentoring & Lunar Coaching

    This is a series of 4 to 8
    sessions one a month.

    For women ready to explore a different way to live their lifes, for women ready to open themselves to the wisdom of their bodies and their connection with nature and the cycles of the universe,

    How is the session:

    1. Get to know to your authentic cyclic nature - Intro and celebration.
    2. Guidance on discovering who you are - Your Ciclic Goddess Within.
    3. Experience review – a positive approach to what you discover about yourself and your
    cycle, and help applying the ‘Keys’ to living in tune with your cycle every day.
    4. A Level 3 Womb Healing – identification of blocks and depleted areas - Balancing your energies in your womb center.
    5. Co-creation of a ‘Goddess Dial’ a device that helps you plan practical activities for your
    month ahead. These activities will help you to awaken and express the ‘depleted’ or
    restricted archetypes discovered in your Womb Healing.
    6. Meditation for each phase of the menstrual cycle.

    Sessions are online.
    Options available.
    Lunar Package 4 months one 2-hour session a month
    Full Moon Package 8 months, one 2-hour session a month

    There are only a few spots available to work with Vanessa on this modality. - Please contact us to check availability.

    Energy Activations/ Attunements

    This are in person sessions only.
    As part of the ceremonies you will receive an energy attunement. All of the attunements/ activations described here are part of the Womb Blessing® System by Miranda Gray. In this system there are Level 1, 2 and 3 for the techniques.

    The vibration of the techniques offered here are Level 3.

    Priestess Ceremony & Energy Activation
    For women that want to honour their path with the Divine Feminine, This is a beautiful ceremony and consecration whether you are beginning your path or you have been walking the path of beauty for years. The technique you will received is called “Opening to Sacredness” Womb Blessing® attunement.

    Opening to Peace Ceremony & Energy Activation
    In the current global changes and uncertainty that sometimes life brings to us, this ceremony brings us the peace of the Divine Mother. It brings a feeling of deep peace and traquility to your present moment. The technique you will received is called “Opening to Peace” Womb Blessing® attunement.

    “Female Energy Awakening into Light” Womb Blessing® attunement
    This Level 3 Womb Blessing® activates all three Centres and awakens all three levels of the associated archetypes – spirit, love, life.
    This super powerful and transformational technique awakens dormant aspects of the archetypes and your feminine energies at for your life, relationships and spirituality.

    Ceremony and Energy Activation of the Maiden - Dynamic Woman
    Are you ready for new beginnings? Did you just went through a difficult time and feel ready to continue a new chapter of your life? Do you feel you need help to balance your pre-ovulation phase?
    Yes - Then this is the right for you! Get ready for a healthy ego, feelings of hope and motivation.

    Ceremony and Energy Activation of the Mother - Loving Woman
    Are you ready to welcome a partner in your life? To enhance and balance your relationships?
    To be more emphatic to yourself and others? Would you like to balance your pre-ovulation phase?

    Yes - Then this is the right for you! Get ready to align yourself with love, emotional balance and healthy connections and relationships.

    Ceremony and Energy Activation of Enchantress - Wild Woman
    Are you always seeing the negative in a situation? Being over emotional?
    Would you like to balance your pre-menstrual phase?
    Yes - Then this is the right for you! Get ready to clear old patterns and align yourself with your personal magic and wild inspiration.

    Ceremony and Energy Activation of the Crone - Wise Woman
    Do you feel overwhelmed? Lack of flow ? Do you feel disconnected to your spirituality?
    Would you like to balance your menstrual fase?
    Yes - Then this one is the right for you! Get ready to feel the guidance and spiritual connection that the Mother Universe has with you and for you.Live in acceptance and in certainty of following your inner direction.

    Sessions are in person only. If you like to have a ceremony together with your sisters and friends please let me know.

    There are only a few spots available to work with Vanessa on this modality. - Some dates available in Alajuela, Costa Rica and Berlin, Germany
    Please contact us to check availability.

    Rituals and ceremonies

    Using techniques from different ancient traditions and healing systems. Rituals and ceremonies help us celebrate a life event, to honor it or to go through the dark nights of the soul. To navigate the unknown and be reborn anew, integrating all experiences and seeing them as life-serving experiences.

    I am honored to offer rituals and ceremonies for:
    Wedding / unionsFirst PregnancyMotherhoodSisterhoodMother / DaughterEnds and beginnings (job, moving house, a new boat, old/new school for kids)AbortionsDivorceMiscarriagesDeathThe dark night of the soulGoing through the unknown
    Sessions are online and in person

    Please book here and you will be contacted to schedule a time.

    Blood Mystery Activations.

    Blood is the liquid of life.
    Every month we as women receive the beautiful gift of bleeding. In our teenage years it represents the beginning of our fertile years and the growing up into the full women we are all meant to be, in our last blood we also receive an amazing spiritual gift. Our blood is the only blood that can be given to earth without any violence, we can willingly offer this sacred liquid to nurture our land.

    It is a pleasure to offer the Blood mistery rituals for the ocassions of :
    First MenstruationMother / DaughterMother / SonFather / sonFather / DaughterMenopauseSacred sexuality* and the blood mysteries.
    *Please note that for this is very important that your partner is willingly interested in the subject and has an open mind and heart. Please do not force your partner into the blood mysteries with you.

    Sessions are online and in person.

    Please book here and you will be contacted to schedule a time.

    EFT / Emotional Freedom Techniques

    It clears out energy blocks & Limiting beliefs
    Returns your body’s Energy Flows
    Promotes well-being
    Ease stress and anxiety

    Sessions are online only.

    Please book here to be contacted to schedule a time


    Optimized Woman (Miranda Gray)
    Women Circles & Worldwide Womb Blessing Circles
    The 4 women in me
    Spa for the soul
    Transformational Firewalking

    Optimized Woman (Miranda Gray)

    Based on Miranda Gray’s book ‘The optimized Woman’ this workshop changes the way women think about their work whether they work for an employer or work for themselves, whether they work for a small company, a big organisation or a multinational corporate, whether they are a worker, a manager or even a member of the Board.

    This workshop will help to:

    ♡ Release our stress of trying to live in a linear manner

    ♡ Do things better

    ♡ Do things quicker

    ♡ Do things outside of our normal skillset and expectations

    ♡ Grow and evolve in new directions

    ♡ Feel whole and complete – who we are meant to be

    ♡ Easily meet our needs and create wellbeing

    An ‘Optimized Woman’ is a woman who lives her life in harmony with her cycle applying the ‘optimised’ energies and skillsets that appear in each phase to her life to create increased well-being and fulfilment, to realise her dreams and life-goals, and to enhance her work performance and work satisfaction.

    In our menstrual cycle we have days where we have enhanced thinking skills and heightened abilities. These ‘optimised days’ not only empower us to do particular activities and tasks quicker, easier and better but they also give us access to talents that we never knew we had.

    In the modern masculine world we women have a unique performance tool which can when applied can make us more versatile, creative and productive in the workplace. This tool is also our key to reducing stress, creating well-being and becoming more fulfilled in our lives. The name of this tool? The menstrual cycle.

    ♡ Would you like information about hosting this workshop in your location?
    Contact me

    Women Circles & Worldwide Womb Blessing Circles

    Women circles

    Women Circles are sacred spaces to connect in sisterhood and love, and speak from our heart. We will be gathering in sacred circle under the New Moon or Full Moon and her beautiful energy. We will be creating an energy container, a sacred womb, a space in between the worlds.

    "In sisterhood, we gather to reclaim our place in the cosmos and our destiny here on Earth. Our embodied wisdom, heart and feminine power is crucial to restoring balance in this time of epic cultural transformation" ~Achintya Devi

    Women Circles are held online.

    Worldwide Womb Blessing® Circles

    Joining Miranda Gray and the Moon Mother® of the world.

    The Worldwide Womb Blessing is an oasis of female energy, love and peace. Come and join us in the Blessing to centre yourself, to renew your inner strength and peace, and to empower you to bring love, confidence and hope to others.

    Join us to participate in a synchronized worldwide meditation and distant energy attunements along with over 200 000 women from 150 countries.

    This event change women’s lives and change the world – By taking part in regular Worldwide Womb Blessings we become part of a female energy movement to:

    help heal the Earth
    heal and awaken all women
    bring healing to the relationship between male and female
    create a world where women express authentic femininity and men express authentic masculinity
    create a legacy for future generations so that all girls grow up understanding the beauty, power and sacredness of their cyclic nature.

    No experience is needed to participate.

    You will receive:

    ♡ Womb Blessing® - A distant energy attunement that awakens dormant aspects of your femininity. It’s effects bring healing at mental, emotional and physical levels.

    ♡ Earth- Yoni Blessing- A distant energy initiation to return your yoni to sacredness and connect you with Mother Earth. You will learn how to pass on this initiation to other women too.

    ♡ Meditation to share the energy you received with other women taking part around the world and Mother Earth.

    ♡ Meditation for honoring the energies of the earth and align yourself with her.

    ♡ A personal ‘Cauldron Energizer’ - a boost of Mother Light energy for your womb center. ( Sent to you at distant by Vanessa - MM3)

    This events are held online 5 times a year.

    The 4 women in me

    It is our feminine nature to renew our body every month, our sacred blood cycle creates fire energy within us that can be used to transform, create and build our dreams. Every woman embodies 4 different energies that are integrated in our menstrual cycle and evolved during and after menopause. These energies flow through our lives with the rhythm of the Moon’s phases, with the rhythm of female life stages (motherhood, menopause), and also with the rhythm of our menstrual cycle as part of the cosmos of feminine energy and the universe. This workshop introduces you to your cosmic sacred cycle, so that you can re-discover your female nature and interact with your changes in a positive way.

    It includes a meditation to connect with the 4 women in you.

    Duration: 4 hours
    Who is this workshop for: Women of all ages welcome. For women with or without a womb, with or without a menstrual cycle.

    ♡ Would you like information about hosting this workshop in your location?
    Contact me

    Spa for the soul

    This is an energetic gift to free yourself from the stress of living and linear world where the disease of being busy is growing amongst us to the point where we feel guilty to rest and listen to the internal voice… to our heart and needs.
    The chocolate meditation will support you in contact your heart at deeper levels and to reach higher levels of intuition. After this workshop you will feel more relaxed and present , rooted in your body, heart and soul.

    This workshop was born in 2016 and the first time I did it was in a peaceful and beautiful budhist temple in Eugene, Oregon.
    The Spa has its own energy and it has evolved since then.
    No Spa for the soul is the same. And I noticed that those who are called to take part have a special mission for the birthing of the new planet.

    The intention of this relaxation workshop is to help you in 3 different levels:

    ♡ Physical: to nurture and relax the nervous system, tone the vagus nerve, to support he body in the elimination of toxins.

    ♡ Mental: Release of limiting believes, let go of stress, anxiety.

    ♡ Emotional and spiritual: Open your hear, feel back in your body, connect to life, open to new perspectives and experiences.

    You will receive: Cacao meditation, a dose of ceremonial cacao, and personal energy work specially for you.

    Spaces available: 11
    Duration: 4 hours

    *** Important please read
    We don’t recommend to take this workshop if you are taking antidepressants, anxiety medicine or have heart problems, please contact the facilitator.

    ♡ Would you like information about hosting this workshop in your location?
    Contact me

    Transformational Firewalking

    ♡ Firewalk for motivation in corporations and teams:

    “It’s an ancient practice in many cultures. It teaches you to overcome your fears and do what you thought was impossible.

    ♡ Firewalk as believe transformation and let go of old patterns

    Where you told that fire will burn you? That’s one of the first thingsI learned early in my life. When you, yourself walk on the hot coals this fundamental believe is challenged. What other things could you do? You go from impossible to Possible.

    ♡ The firewalk ceremony is an initiation a transformation of burning barriers and limiting believes stopping you form expressing the real you.

    ♡ Firewalk as shamanic practice

    From a shamanic point of view, everything is about energy. When we don’t have enough energy, we cannot create conscious change in our life. When we are vibrant and full, anything is possible. Each of us has a fire within, and everything we do either feeds and nourishes our fire, or diminishes and dampens our fire.
    This workshop will help you discover where you unconsciously leak energy and show you how to use ancient shamanic wisdom to uncover your vibrancy and healing power.

    ♡ “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? -Marianne Williamson”

    Join me in this transformational experience that will open your world to new possibilities that you did not consider before.

    Walking on fire is an experience that transforms you. Are you ready to leave fears behind?

    Duration: 5 hours

    The firewalk at the end of the workshop is voluntary.
    Doing the firewalk is not mandatory.
    No cameras/video allowed.

    ♡ Would you like information about hosting this workshop in your location?
    Contact me

    Moon Mother® Level 1 Training

    Moon Mother® Level 1 Practitioner Training
    Womb Blessing® System - Miranda Gray

    “The Womb Blessing and The Divine Feminine energies are needed in the world now more than ever. Women are crying out to connect once again to the sacred feminine, both around them and within their bodies. A strong connection to our femininity keeps us confident in our physicality, sexuality, spirituality and creativity, free from guilt, pain and invalidation”

    At the end you will be a registered Moon Mother® of Miranda Gray.

    Moon Mothers come from a wide range of backgrounds. Each woman, regardless of her age, has her own life experiences, understanding, insight and qualifications that she can bring to being a Moon Mother®.

    It is a training workshop and the beginning of your path as a Moon Mother.
    You will receive the Moon Mother Initiation, so you may to hold and share the energy of the Womb Blessing® - Female Energy Awakening. The connection with the Divine Feminine energy helps you to awaken to your authentic and powerful femininity and to cleanse and heal your life, and makes you a channel for these vibrations for other women in person and globally.

    - In this two day immersive course you will:

    ♡ Connect to the Divine Feminine energy of the Womb Blessing through the Moon Mother® initiation.
    ♡ Learn how to give the Womb Blessing® - Female Energy Awakening (This is a hands on energy technique)
    ♡ Understand the spirituality behind the Womb Blessing® meditation used by thousands of women worldwide and how it support yous in your connection to the energy.
    ♡ Understand when and how to give the Womb Blessing® and the beautiful effects it has for you and the receiver..
    ♡ Learn a simple but powerful self-healing technique.
    ♡ Learn how to give a Womb Healing
    ♡ Learn how to send energy for the worldwide Womb Blessing® events


    ♡ Who can attend this workshop?
    All women are welcome, with or without a womb, with or without a menstrual cycle. Any women interested in awakening their divine feminine energies and bring them into their daily lives. You must be over 18 years of age.

    ♡ Can I attend the workshop if I am pregnant?
    This workshop brings about an energy awakening and an integration period afterwards, so it is not recommended if you have over 4 months of pregnancy.

    ♡ Can I attend the workshop if I am breastfeeding and need time away to feed my baby?
    No, this weekend is a gift for yourself. There are a number of activities, moments of initiation and reflection so it will be complicated to bring your baby, feed them whilst respecting your own introspective time and that of the other women attending the workshop.

    ♡ Can I attend the workshop if I have no womb or no menstrual cycle?
    Yes, this workshop is open to any women interested in awakening her female energies.

    ♡ Can I attend the workshop if I am in my peri-menopausal and post-menopausal phase?
    Yes, this workshop is open to any women interested in awakening her female energies.


    Want to host a Moon Mother workshop in your location?

    Workshop locations 2020
    Costa Rica
    Belin, DE
    Toronto, Canada

    ♡ For information and dates on an specific location please contact

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Covid-19 Pandemic:
    Please note that due to local restrictions and regulations, all workshops are provisional and will only run if local conditions allow. All workshops will take full account of currently applicable advice and requirements concerning social distancing and hygiene.


    ☾ Initiatic Journey for Women 2021
    5 day Retreat in the Rainforest of Costa Rica
    February 2021
    For info please subscribe here.

    Past Retreats

    Awakening the 4 Goddesses Within You Retreat
    with Miranda Gray & Vanessa Castro

    Viaje Iniciático: Mujer Sagrada, Misión Sagrada
    con Ligia Ramirez y Vanessa Castro

    Awakening the 4 Goddesses Within You Retreat

    ♡ with Miranda Gray & Vanessa Castro
    ♡ Blue Spirit, Nosara Beach, Costa Rica.
    ♡ April 15-22, 2017

    Embrace your female energies and cyclic nature, and learn practical ways to create wellbeing, success and fulfilment in all areas of your life – at work, in the home and in the bedroom.

    ♡ Do you feel that something is missing deep within you?
    ♡ Does your heart and femininity cry out for expression in your life and career?
    ♡ Do you wish to discover how to use your innate feminine super powers – whatever your age?
    ♡ Do you want to learn the ancient women’s secret to happiness, career success and sexual, spiritual and creative fulfillment?

    This amazing 7-day retreat in the beautiful feminine surroundings of natural Costa Rica empowers all women who wish to understand the natural benefits and powerful gifts that lie in their inherent cyclic nature. Discover how to apply this knowledge in practical ways to create a uniquely female approach to success, work, love, life and sex.
    Join international teachers and authors Miranda Gray and Vanessa Castro on an experiential journey to discover yourself as a woman and delve deep into to your beautiful and amazing authentic female nature.

    As women, we travel through each month reflecting the cycles of the Moon, the Earth, the tides and the cycle of life in a pattern that ebbs and flows. We walk a path of changing energies and levels of perception, and yet we are often unconscious of these changes, or we fight against them to meet the expectations of modern life. When we become aware of our cyclic nature then our life changes. We begin to walk a female path of happiness, success, centeredness, creativity, spirituality and love.

    This retreat is a unique opportunity to relax and be cradled in a supportive female space where you can grow in sacredness, in friendship and in sisterhood, and take this sacredness back into your everyday life.
    You will immerse yourself in the experience of the 4 female archetype principles that lie within you and learn to recognize them in yourself, in your life, in the women around you, in the beautiful nature of Costa Rica and even in the delicious food that is served!
    Over the course of the week you will integrate this new perception of your cyclic nature so that you can take it home to share with your loved ones, partners, kids, and co-workers.

    ♡ Experiences for your enjoyment

    Ceremonies of initiation of the Divine FemininePractical and spiritual teachings of living your authentic female nature.Discover your unique flow and how to chart your cycleUsing your natural cycle to propel your careerDiscover the 4 sensual and sexual goddesses inside you* Free the 4 mothers within you / The 4 phases and motherhood
    Your 4 inner coaches for love and relationshipsUnveil your Goddess ArchetypesUsing ancient women’s mysteries in your modern lifeSisterhood collaboration using your archetypesMen and the integration with your 4 female archetypes
    Join us in beautiful Costa Rica for 7 days of relaxation and sacredness in a journey to re-discover your amazing inherent abilities and skills as woman. It is time to flow with the seasons, the moon and your natural femininity, and to bring this passionate nature to your career, relationships, motherhood and sex! Yay!
    Discover new self-understanding and explore how to use your natural physical, mental and emotional cyclic experiences to blossom and to enhance your happiness.

    Retreat Facilitators

    ♡ Miranda Gray

    She is the originator of the Worldwide Womb Blessing a growing female spiritual movement that is present in over 130 countries.

    Her experience as an author, artist, healer and businesswoman, teamed with a consciousness born of actively living in harmony with her cyclic nature as a woman, gives Miranda a unique understanding; an understanding of what it means to be female in a modern world that does not support female energies and female cycles.

    Through her writing, talks and workshops Miranda actively helps women to discover their authentic individual femininity and spirituality. Her down-to-earth approach to spirituality offers women a life-changing guide to living in tune with their true nature and empowers them to embrace and express all aspects of their female energies.
    “Women are like the Moon, we change gradually from day to day. You never see the whole of the cycle; you can only ever see one phase.”

    Miranda is a passionate writer, spiritual teacher and facilitator of workshops on the cyclic nature of women and women’s spirituality and energies. She supports each woman’s uniqueness, encouraging and guiding them to optimise their own cyclic energies to create fulfilment, wellbeing, goal achievement and work enhancement.
    Learn more at: and

    ♡ Vanessa Castro

    Vanessa is a lunar coach for women in business (using the menstrual cycle to its best effect), an international women’s wellness workshop and retreat facilitator – and a firewalk instructor!

    She believes now is the time to redefine womanhood in a way that honors all the phases of the life cycles of women and mother earth.

    Her passion for empowering women has led her to travel the world and to learn techniques that will support women in our journeys back to our authentic feminine nature, using the innate tools of the menstrual cycle and menopause.

    Before becoming a wisdom teacher, Vanessa helped to create the evaluation system to rate world’s top purpose-driven organization, known as GameChangers 500. During this time she became passionate about raising a new paradigm for working women, through honoring the unique gifts of the feminine in the business world.

    Viaje Iniciático: Mujer Sagrada, Misión Sagrada

    ♡ con Ligia Ramirez y Vanessa Castro
    ♡ Blue Spirit, Costa Rica
    ♡ del 25 abril al 02 mayo, 2015

    Mujer, Hay un poder que se encuentra latente en tu interior...

    Desde tiempos ancestrales, el lugar de la mujer en la sociedad fue el de mantener el fuego sagrado encendido. En estos momentos poderosos, el llamado de la mujer es de nuevo encender el fuego sagrado desde su corazón para recrear el mundo amoroso que por milenios ha permanecido latente en nuestro ADN.

    La energía del planeta tierra esta cambiando constantemente, son como olas de energía que elevan la vibración al traer armonía. Los seres humanos pueden elegir subirse a esta ola de evolución espiritual. La misión de cada mujer se convierte en su tabla de surf que le permite subirse en la ola y así fluir y aprovechar estas energías para volar.

    Este Viaje Iniciático es para todas las mujeres que están escuchando el llamado de su corazón, de su alma femenina, de su Ser Superior para formar parte activa en la transmutación hacia la Nueva Tierra.

    El mar, el agua salada de una de las playas más hermosas de Costa Rica, nos limpiará las heridas del pasado para que la magnificencia de nuestro Ser Auténtico salga a la vista.

    Blue Spirit y su exuberancia tropical, deliciosa comida fresca y orgánica, tiempo libre para la renovación y descanso se convertirán en testigos de tu gloriosa experiencia en compañía de mujeres que en sincronía responden a este mismo llamado.

    Este Viaje Iniciático, es el comienzo de tu nueva vida… Estas lista para vivir de acuerdo a tu mayor potencial?

    Las Actividades de esta semana incluyen:

    ♡ Liberación de creencias limitates

    ♡ Iniciación en Hermandad Lemuriana

    ♡ Ceremonias sagradas de la Divinidad Femenina

    ♡ Creación de plan de vida alineado con tu rol

    ♡ Yoga y Movimiento

    ♡ Despertar de aspectos reprimidos de tu femeneidad (arquetipos)

    ♡ Aprenderás a conectarte con la Divinidad en tus actividades cotidianas

    ♡ Utilizar tu cuerpo como la brújula de tu estado mental y emocional

    Nuestras Guías:

    ♡ Ligia Ramirez Steller

    Ligia es facilitadora de talleres de crecimiento personal, guía espiritual y creadora del curso: ‟El Arte de Estar Presente”. Su propósito y servicio a la humanidad es asistir a personas en su transformación para reconectarse con su esencia espiritual, manifestar su potencial a través de sus talentos y manifestar la máxima ancestral: “Conócete a Ti Mismo”. Por 30 años fue educadora y asesora internacional en Norte, Sur, Centro América, Holanda e Inglaterra. Es coautora de 7 libros para apoyar a estudiantes con dificultades escolares.

    ♡ Vanessa

    Vanessa inicia su camino espiritual de niña. Ha viajado por el mundo a más de 20 países en América, Europa y Asia aprendiendo con guardianes de Sabiduría Ancestral. En el 2010 se unió a GameChangers500 contribuyendo a crear una evaluación -Game Changers DNA Test- para compañías como Google, Patagonia, Tom's Shoes, Zappos y otras que contribuyen notoriamente al bienestar del planeta. Su misión es apoyar a mujeres para que honren su naturaleza auténtica femenina y también incorporar la energía sagrada femenina al mundo de los negocios.

    Support for Moon Mothers®

    Appointments of support and extra training for Moon Mothers®

    Help, advice and updates for Moon Mothers® who want to grow in their role of being a Moon Mother® and feel confident.

    Practice the Womb Healing and the Womb Blessing®, ask questions and get the last updates.

    To book your appointment visit here

    ♡ 30-minute training session
    ♡ 1 hour training session

    Seminarios de actualización para Moon Mothers

    Con Teacher Vanessa Castro
    Entrenadora en técnica certificada.

    Seminario: Moon Mothers en tiempos Covid-19
    Viernes 21 de agosto a las 7 pm Costa Rica
    Intercambio: Voluntario. Los fondos serán donados a la Womb Blessing Mundial.
    Temas: Sesiones durante la pandemia, prácticas a considerar y más.
    -Womb Blessing personal, Sanación de Útero y Grupos.

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    4. Nos vemos el 21 de agosto a las 7 pm Costa Rica.  Sugerencia: Entra unos minutos antes.

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